Are you a pet owner looking for the best kennel for your car? Whether you’re heading out of town with your pup or off to the vet, having the right crate is essential. From shopping tips to the benefits of using one when traveling in a car, this blog post has it all. Read on and find out how to choose the perfect cage that meets both your and your pet's needs.

Selecting a Dog Crate

When selecting a dog kennel, consider your and your pup’s needs first. Think about where and how you plan to use it prior to making any purchases, including if it will fit in your car and be relatively easy to transport from place to place. You also want to make sure it fits comfortably – look for one that coincides with your pet's length, height, and width measurements so they have plenty of room to move around.


In terms of materials, metal cages are often viewed as the sturdiest option but can be heavy and may require additional accessories like wheels or handles so they can be easily moved from one place to another.

Fabric crates are lightweight but less durable than metal ones; they may also not last long-term due to exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Plastic hard shells are usually sturdy but less ventilated which could lead towards discomfort while traveling over extended periods - take into account your and your pup’s needs alongside budgeting when deciding which material is better suited for you two.


When buying a kennel, check for features like good ventilation, an adjustable safety strap system (to keep them secure), an adjustable latch if possible (so it can be adjusted if necessary), storage pockets, or water-resistant fabrics – these might come in useful depending on how often you drive with them – plus bedding such as foam padding or blankets that can offer some extra protection during bumpy rides in the car.


Moreover, there are other aspects about car crates worth considering before taking off on that road trip with Fido such as size variations between models; getting one too large could be too much space wasted while getting one too small could make them feel trapped inside leading them towards feeling uncomfortable instead of safe while traveling by car.

Don't forget proper anchoring systems either: make sure whatever type of kennel you purchase comes with appropriate restraint points and straps required by law depending on where you live!


Additionally, convenience should never be overlooked – select something foldable so going through airports won't take hours while setting up.

  • Look into easy-clean options if needed.
  • Get something durable that won't break after repeated usage over extended periods.
  • Shop around different stores online as well as local pet shops just in case prices differ drastically from one location compared with another.
  • Overall go for quality regardless of price!

Crateing It Up!

When shopping around for the best dog crate for cars remember to:

  • always put more emphasis on finding something that fits both your and their needs;
  • research upon optimal materials available so durability doesn't come into question due to typical weather conditions in given areas (metal vs fabric);
  • think about convenient options like quick folding designs hence saving time at airports along with other practicalities within a reasonable cost range...

Last but not least don't overlook good anchoring systems! Find out what type of restraints will meet regulations related to where you live so everyone stays safe during those long drives across the country!

Thanks for reading!  We hope this blog post has helped make taking care of your furry friend a little bit easier.  If you want to read more articles on "all things dogs," click here or simply subscribe before you leave to be among the first to receive the next issue!

Happy shopping!

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